jordan_mapJordan through Our Eyes

Visit the most important attractions of Jordan in one trip: Amman, Jerash, Ajloun, Desert Castles, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Baptism Site, Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba.

jordan_mapEgypt, Jordan & Holy Land

If you chose this tour, you will visit three countries. You will see: Sharm El Sheikh, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, Amman, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Bethlehem.

jordan_mapBiblical Jordan Tour

Follow the places where the most important biblical events took place. You will see: Amman, Jerash, Ajloun, Umm Al Rasas, Mukawir, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Baptism Site, Dead Sea,Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho.

jordan_mapJordan & Holy Land in Brief

We will connect your with places that witnessed the birth of the religions. You will see: Dead Sea, Baptism Site, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Petra, Little Petra, Jerusalem, Bethlehem.

jordan_mapDaring & Adventure Tour

The time designed for those seeking adventures and adrenaline. You will see: Dead Sea, Wadi Mojib, Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Amman.

jordan_mapEco Jordan Tour

Are you a nature lover? Admire the fauna and flora of Jordan for a very reasonable price. You will see: Ajloun, Azraq, Shumari, Dead Sea, Wadi Moujib, Dana, Wadi Rum, Finan, Amman.