jordan_mapAmman City Tour

Explore the Jordanian capital city with its spectacular urban past and present. Know the Jordanian’s history and culture. See the society and live their atmospheric life.

jordan_mapDead Sea Day Excursion

Spend the whole day on your own leisure. Enjoy the sunbath on the golden beaches of the Dead Sea. Give your body an opportunity to heal from the Dead Sea minerals and salt.

jordan_mapPetra Day Excursion

Explore one of the most significant wonders of the world. Walk the paths where Nabateans caravans walked more than 2000 years ago. Discover their secrets and listen to their mysterious stories.

jordan_mapJerash & Ajloun Excursion

See an example of the grand, formal provincial Roman urbanism that is found throughout the Middle East and visit the huge fortress on the top of the mountain which was built in 1184 AD to protect the country from the Crusaders attacks.

jordan_mapWadi Rum Excursion

Follow the path of Lawrence of Arabia, see the routes of Arab’s caravans for thousands of years. Explore the desert that got no similar in the world with its nature beauty and silence.

jordan_mapJerusalem & Bethlehem Visit

Visit the Holy Land, see where Jesus and Mary were born and lived. Follow the steps of Jesus from his birth to his death. See the old city of Jerusalem with all its holy places in one day.

jordan_mapJordan Bethany Tour

Visit the first places that witnessed the born of Christianity, follow the footsteps of Moses, Jesus and John the Baptist. Enjoy the view of the Holy Land from the top of the mountain and See the holy river of Jordan.

jordan_mapDesert Castles Excursion

See the Islamic architecture in three different castles on the desert sands. They were built for hunting and leisure, though there are different theories concerning the use of these constructions.

jordan_mapWadi Moujib Hiking Trail

Live a small adventure with hiking along a river. Explore a natural reserve rich with wild life and amazing landscapes.