jordan_mapJordan with its diversity of geography and the attractive weather combined with the beauty of nature, people and history offer great and unique opportunities for special interest trips. No matter how many interest you have and what kind of interests, whatever they are, in Jordan you can find a place to practice all kinds of activities and fulfill your interest.

The most important special interest activities Jordan can offer:

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling:

The sunny beaches of Aqaba have always been an attractive place for scuba divers because of the clear crystal water, the variety of the marine life and the preserved coral reefs of the Red Sea. In addition to wreck diving opportunity. In Aqaba there are wide range of diving center who offer all diving courses with the most professional instructors.


A unique desert like Wadi Rum with its high mountains can offer the climbing lovers and very wide choice for climbing different mountains with different beauty with the silence of the nature.

Hiking & Trekking:

In Jordan you can find opportunity for different kind of hiking. It could be a desert hiking in Wadi Rum or water hiking in Wadi Moujib. There are also great chances for Eco-hiking in the Jordanian natural reserves such as: Ajloun, Debean, Dana, AL Azraq and Feynan. All kinds of hiking can be arranged and it could be engaged with soft or hard adventures.

Photography Expeditions:

The photography lovers would find Jordan an ideal place for professional photography due to the combination and the diversity. From the south to the north, from the east to the west, wherever you go, you can find something interesting to shoot or film. From historical sight, to natural landscape to cultural and demography there is always something interesting for your camera to shoot. Even the variety of the wild life in the Jordanian desert, valleys, mountains and hills.

Religious Tours:

The land of Jordan has witnessed the born and the raise of all God’s messages and most of prophets stories are connected to this land. Jordan has always been a destination for all who wish to follow the footsteps of the prophets and feel the faith of the sky’s messages. In Jordan you can see where Lott and his people lived before God took away the cities of sins, you can see as well the cave that protected Lott fire rains. In Jordan you can see where Mouses and his people passed on the Mount Nebo. You can also see where Jesus crossed the river to be baptized by John the Baptist and many other places that was mentioned in the Bible. Jordan land has also witnessed the raise of the religion of Islam. Jordan was the first area to join the Islam and witnessed some of the biggest battles to spread the message of God. You may visit the tombs of the martyrs who brought victories in the Yarmouk and Mouta battles here in Jordan.


Jordan with its rich wild life with the variant geography is a place to attract the lovers of the nature. More than 7 natural reserves located in different areas of the country are places to protect the nature and to invite those nature lovers to enjoy it. There are Eco- lodges in all those reserves that can accommodate and serve the tourists. they also provide guided tours and safaris.

Adventure Tours:

In every part of Jordan you can always find some kind of adventure that could be arranged specially for tourists. Hiking trails in the desert, Jeep safari, camping, climbing, tracking, horse riding, sky-diving and more. All can be arranged in one trip, according to your interests.

Whatever your interests are, our company is more than delighted to arrange to you all what you need to enjoy your stay and practice your interest. We provide you with accommodation, transportation, tour guiding with the highest quality of standards. Please feel free to contact us to plan your trip. We will provide with full details once we receive your inquiry.