Egypt, Jordan & Holy Land

Tour duration 15 days, 14 nights
Arrival point Sharm El Sheikh
Departure point Sharm El Sheikh
Itinerary Sharm, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, Amman, Dead Sea, Jerusalem. Bethlehem, Eilat, Taba, Sharm El Shiekh
Hotels 5*, 4*,3*

If you choose this tour, you will visit more than 8 different cities located in 3 different counties in 15 days. You will have the opportunity to stay in the most comfortable and relaxing resorts and spas, visit many different attractions from cultural historical sites, shopping centers, religious and holy places. All in one tour.

Destination 1

  • Arrival to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt where you will spend 4 nights in a resort located on the beach. You will have the chance to relax on the sunny beaches of the Red Sea. There are many activities to do there including diving, snorkeling and optional excursions within Sinai desert or to Cairo.
  • After spending 3-4 nights at Sharm El Skeikh, you will be transferred to Taba city to cross by the ferry boat to Aqaba city in Jordan.

Destination 2

  • Aqaba is your second station in this tour, you will be picked-up from the port and transferred to a hotel where you will spend one night. In Aqaba you will have the chance to walk in the down town on your own, do some shopping and spend free time on your own.
  • In the afternoon of the following day you will be ready to be transferred to the desert of Wadi Rum where you will have an exceptional experience with the desert. Upon arriving Wadi Rum you will be taken on Jeep safari in the desert, you will hike between the mountain and your will see the sunset of the desert like never seen before. After the sunset you will be taken to the camp in the desert which is representing an example of the Bedouin life. You will enjoy a traditional dinner with alive show and music.
  • In the next morning you will be heading to discover the secrets of Petra city. The entire city which is carved in the mountain. Your guide will be directing you to the interesting places and telling you tales about the Nabateans and their hidden mysteries.
  • You will stay overnight in Petra in one of the hotels. Staying one more night in Petra is an option to visit the city again and go further and discover the higher places.
  • From Petra the tour will head to capital city of Jordan which is Amman, where you will see the Jordanian culture and people very closely. You will have the chance to walk in the down town, see the local markets, visit some historical places such as the Roman Theater and the Citadel.
  • In the next day you will be going to the lowest point in the earth to the Dead Sea, where you will enjoy staying in a resort on the beach for 2 nights. You will have free time on the beach where you can float on the sea. You can also experience the mud wrapping and the spa.
    During your stay at the Dead Sea you will be ready to spend one full day visiting the Biblical places of Jordan. This will include Madaba city, Mount Nebo and the Baptism site.
  • After spending those few days in Jordan, the tour will carry on to cross the river of Jordan to the West Bank.

Destination 3

  • After crossing to the West Bank you will be transferred to Jerusalem city. Your guide will show you the holy places including the Olive Mountain and the old city of Jerusalem with the old churches and mosques. You will follow the steps of Merry and Jesus in both Jerusalem and Bethlehem. During your 2 nights stay at the holy land you will visit Jericho city.
  • Then you will be heading to the south again to Eilat city where you will have another chance for shopping there before crossing the border.
  • After shopping in Eilat you will cross the border back to Taba in Egypt where you will be transferred back to Sharm El Sheikh.
  • You will spend your last night of this tour at Sharm before flying back to your home country.